Maillot ILIOS Orion


I have always had a passion for swimwear. It's a capital piece in summer, which aims to sublimate the woman's body: a swimsuit expresses so many elements about the personality. Choosing a jersey is deciding which model, which cut, which color will best sublimate us.

On the other hand, I love the curves of the woman's body, each one of them so aesthetic. We are all goddesses and it is important to be aware of our value, to take full responsibility and to be aware of your body, its assets and to love it. I wanted to participate in this by making what for me is THE capital piece to feel good about your body in summer.

Mixed in with all of this is love. for summer, light, aesthetics and a crush a few years ago for Greece. This feeling of freedom that I feel there, the landscapes, the light, the encounters. It is therefore quite naturally that I chose to translate the word that inspires me the most into Greek, to give birth to Ilios, which means the sun.

ILIOS Maillots Astra


It is following an experience of more than ten years in fashion, influence, digital, image, that I decided to launch my brand of swimwear.
I have always liked living in the summer. I'm lucky to be able to work from wherever I want, so I try to find the sun all year round thanks to my various trips. This is what inspires me, recharges my energies and inspires me. I have always had a sensitivity to image, light, photography. Creating my brand is creating my products, but it's also creating a story that sticks to my skin 100%.

Pauline Gandolfini


I work in collaboration with a stylist to put on paper the technical details of the creations that I imagine and draw.
All fabrics, materials and details are chosen with care. The fabrics are Italian and of high quality. The accessories used on the jerseys are made in France & in Zamak, a durable, fully recyclable, high quality and solid material. It is resistant to heat, chlorine and salt.
The garments are made in Portugal.